Take ten paces and then turn and fire!!

john grigg (starman125@hotmail.com)
Tue, 28 Sep 1999 14:14:52 PDT

Hello everyone,

I was just kidding on the idea of Mike and Joe duelling at ten paces! In relation to the gun control debate between Mike Lorrey and Joe Dees I just want to say both men have the right to discuss the matter but it does seem to have been beaten to death here on the list.

I realize both men feel they MUST counter any arguments brought forth by the other no matter how many times it has been discussed before. I think this is not so much for them but for any impressionable minds out there that are not set yet in one way of looking at things at least in some matters(like me).

I wish we could have a formal debate between them moderated on this very list by Greg Burch our legal eagle. Each man would have his turn and then a chance for rebuttal would be given. It would go on for so many times and then Mr. Burch would ask for closing statements.

Even if this did not end the debate we would have at least held a "formal" debate of the matter. Kept relatively short I would read each post with interest. I hope my idea is actually done.

I consider banning the topic of gun control to be wrong along with banning any topic on the list. I think it goes against extropian ideals.

But at the same time I can remember countless times scrolling over numerous long posts when you two debated in a desire to find topics that appealled to me more. I feel like Captain Kirk on the bridge when the two powerful aliens with black and white coloring on differing sides got into a never-ending power struggle.

I personally believe in the right of common citizens to bear arms when they have gotten a concealment permit. There are those who would say the information the government gets on a citizen is too much when the permit is obtained but I am more worried about people packing heat who do not FULLY understand the legal and real life ramifications of this.

I realize there are those who interpret the right to bear arms as very different and think only police and soldiers should be issued guns. I vehemently oppose this view. I honestly believe in the saying that "if you take away all the guns in the end only criminals will have guns!"

At the same time I find the idea of an America where everyone has a concealed handgun to be a very sad and frightening place. But I feel the option of being armed should be available to the public. Were I beaten and mugged I would definitely get a concealed weapons permit and a pistol to go with it.

The NRA lost my support when they opposed mandatory trigger locks on all guns. I realize this law would slow down access to a weapon in a home robbery situation but how many children must die to please the NRA?? Perhaps mandatory cases with electronic locks would work best though it would be expensive by comparison.

Here in Alaska we view ourselves as living in the "last frontier" and I suppose compared to other states have fairly open views on gun control. And also we are a republican state rather then democratic. Actually I think human predators are much more threatening here then the ones with claws and antlers.

Well, here I am contributing to the volume of gun control debate posts! But I admit it is a very important topic with in my view no easy answers. And it ties in at a core level I think with how government desires to hoarde power for itself.


John Grigg

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