Re: Alaska (was Re: hang loose state)

Spike Jones (
Sun, 26 Sep 1999 21:27:40 -0700

> >The authorities really dont give a damn what you do there.
> James Rogers wrote: It really goes beyond that. It isn't that the
> authorities don't give a
> damn, it is that there is essentially no force of law in terms of State and
> Federal authority. Many locales are simply too remote for traditional
> authorities to project force....

This explains something that puzzled me greatly. I wanted to see a real Inuit reservation. One was shown on a map, but it wasnt clear where it was exactly, as the scale on the Alaska map is... big. I asked a merchant where this was, and he answered: youuuu would be better off staying out of there. I answered all I wanted was to buy some native souveniers, he insisted it would be poor judgement. Volunteered that should anything happennnnn to me on that reservation, there was not much the local authorities could do about it. spike