Re: If were all gonna do some bragging here...

Doug Jones (
Sun, 26 Sep 1999 21:15:36 -0700

Spike Jones wrote:
> > john grigg wrote: Even Texan dimensions sound pretty small to me!!!
> >
> > [ . . . writing from Alaska!! . .]
> Hey John, the future Athena launches are going to take place up
> your way. They arent going to go outta Vandenburg any more,
> but only out of Alaska. Dont know any more detail than just in
> Alaska, and I hear its a big state... {8^D spike

Kodiak. My buddy Dave the retired graverobber sent me a t-shirt that he bought at the gift shop at the launch site- "Actually, I *am* a rocket scientist!" (His stepson Carl is the chief of the fish & game dept for Kodiak- and the guy is about the size of a brown bear.)

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