Re: Extropic Art: Re: Why?
Sun, 26 Sep 1999 15:33:10 EDT

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<< However, what I have never heard among artists of any variety (and
I, of course, do *not* stand outside that picture) is a rational explanation for mankind's inclination to create art. >>

E-shaun - first of all Extropic Artist Natasha Vita More has been here since you arrived DAY ONE, and I think her lectures & posts give a candid look at motive for creativity that is quite rational.Get a copy of her latest book and read it.

Where've you been, we've been rehashing this for two years or more.

Then.... read some De Bono.. or that unpronouncable guy who wrote the book called "Flow"... Mycksyly Cznertkywsjhally or whatever it is... There's a ton of literature out there on the subject (N, send him a book list)

Second, MY OPINION: most artists dont need a rational to do art. THey really don;t give a rat's ass what you think or why they do it, they juast work pedal to the medal.
you know, like the Nike ads: JUST DO IT! Personally:
I am not one of those people who thinks art SHOULD be rational, in fact I find it a respite from that odious adjective, but if you want it to be rational, then have at it.
Ayn Rand made a total bozo out of herself trying to do just that. Now, quit flogging a dead horse and get to work -- writing a poem or something.