hang loose state

Spike Jones (spike66@ibm.net)
Sat, 25 Sep 1999 23:12:38 -0700

> > Texas fitting INSIDE of ALASKA!
> GBurch1@aol.com wrote: hmmm . . . I'm still not entirely convinced that isn't
> just a distortion caused by map projection.

It has been said that Hawaii is the hang loose state, well forget that! *Alaska* is the *real* hang loose state. After vacationing there a few years ago I realized this place is a real libertarian kinda place. The authorities really dont give a damn what you do there.

Wife and I got our sleep schedules messed up because the sun was up 22 hours a day. About 3 oclock in the afternoon we were both so tired we couldnt go on, so we decided to pull over and rest a while. Found an area about 100 meters from the road (theres only one road) and I noticed there were tents set up on a river below, people cooking, fishing etc. I reasoned that if they could set up a tent next to the river, I should be able to set up a tent up above it there in that big empty field, so we did, got in, went to sleep. Woke up about midnight, ready to go on. Climbed out of the tent and looked around. There were about 50 tents, all over that big open field. Try that in California, we would *still* be in jail... {8^D spike