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Fri, 24 Sep 1999 20:33:19 -0700

At 04:06 PM 9/23/99 EDT, Nadia wrote:

>As Natasha Vita More points out in her lecture & book, the decision is
>whether to learn and explore aesthetics and art and architecture as a core

What has transpired from posts is an expression of personal aesthetics and vision.

Aesthetics is why Eric Watt Foryste says:

"I really like being outdoors, in urban environments as well as rural ones, and if I'm lucky enough to be able to leave this planet, I'll probably have to give up most of that particular experience at that time, so I'm not eager to give it up any earlier."

as Anders wrote:

"(snip) the city *I* want to live in is the waterfall city on the artificial continent Forrest Bishop and I discussed two years ago on this list (maybe we ought to write it up and do some engineering calculations on it). I want to live in a tower high up in a city built in and around a series of great waterfalls."

and Lee Daniel Crocker (without the pronoun -:):

"Imagine what you could do with dynamic display surfaces. You could probably do a very convincing impression of Eli's savanna, with birds flying overhead and clouds drifting (without danger of anything falling from either). A mall open 24hrs with bright full-spectrum lighting (UV-free so shoppers won't worry about sunburn) could probably even grow real grass and flowers and trees inside."

also, E. Shaun Russell:

However, my nan-city would have to be a productive one, using technology to push all envelopes forward. In fact, the ideal city (for me) would be less a city than a spacecraft to explore the galaxy. That is the beauty of our future: one day, science will be so like art, and art so like science, that it will be impossible and superfluous to distinguish one from the other.


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