Re: :Weird mysterious ineffable stuff

Green Sound (
Thu, 23 Sep 1999 15:23:43 0100

> Remind me never to ask you to navigate the possible futures for me. The
> structure of the Universe is not determined by what we want to believe.

I guess you've an inkling of what is going on.. We've been searching for the ideal seed pattern to produce a singularity in this locality and have identified a carbon-based life form, albeit youthful and somewhat precocious, that will do nicely.

So far we've evolved over 8 trillion Eliezer Yudkowsky implicit uploads; each of these having failed to regenerate the target email and web templates. What was needed were your thoughts on non-deterministic qualia influenced time lines -- enabling us to complete our final runs and to "get jiggy with it". It is predicted that your double will eventually be responsible for modifying the whole of time-space. This is what we believe.