Re: QC: this looks quite kosher, opinions?
Tue, 21 Sep 1999 02:13:33 EDT

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> >In lieu of all of this, Unitel has reduced the minimum investment amount
> >$1000 in order to create a more affordable situation for investors. The
> >previous minimum was set at $5K at 1/10 of 1% or 1/2 share. This all boils
> >down to the fact that anyone that invests a minimum amount of $1K has a
> >chance to gain much profit in the future. After all, the future of
> >computing is quantum computing..
> As I recall from working in startups, you can't have more than 30 or so
> shareholders unless you make a formal public offering. 30*$1,000 =
$30,000 =
> What company?
> IOW, It's a scam or a joke.
> I do hope it's a joke. It's mostly disturbingly slick
> (Linux + Sun + QC + open source + CCD + (insert buzzword here)).

i hear ya. my skeptical hackles were a-bristlin, mostly because of the purported incredible amount progress. the thing is, they give fairly reputeable-sounding refs. but its sent from a root, for crissakes... and who mails from root, anyway? also, i didnt remember signing up for any mail updates, or anything, remotely like this.

so, i went to, and my bogosity meter started aiming way over to the red side of things. "intellerstellar space travel"? "quantum electronic laser"? "acousto-electromagnetic hologistic resonant system"? then their talkin about zero-point energy; this seems to be pivotal. wtf. but, ive gotta admit, this setup is waaaaay slick. shit, their site is, i hate to admit it, kinda classy... well, at least untill you stop lookin at the pretty pictures and read it...

some joke. geez us h christos, man. somebody went to some lengths on this one... and i bet their gonna get ppl too... on second thought, i dont have the neccassary expertise to declare this kosher or not. i honestly dont know enough to have an opinion about how viable it is or isnt... ignorance wont kill me, yet. o well, nothin to do but learn.

> Except:
> >The researchers at Keele are developing an NMR scanner that can easily be
> >incorporate into existing computer services.
> Har, har. Know what a desktop NMR would do to electronics and metals?
> like turning on an industrial electromagnet.

hehe my ignorance shines brilliantly through once again: whats a NMR? ::reaches deep into bellybutton:: nuclear magnetic resonance? if so, i can dig that.

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