Re: extropian memes in business week

Natasha Vita-More (
Mon, 20 Sep 1999 08:11:45 -0700

At 12:41 AM 9/20/99 -0700, you wrote:
>Natasha wrote:
>> At 03:56 PM 9/19/99 -0700, Stan wrote:
>>> (And does "meme" mean "idea"?)
>> Since you aren't sure what this list is about, try
>> checking out some links on ExI's Web site:
>> This should be helpful to you.
>I looked around quite a bit before asking my questions. Nothing I saw
>answered my questions, which is why I asked them. (Perhaps *you* should
>check out the links at! ;-) )

Yes, I do refer to ExI often. The Mission Statement and FAQ are quite good don't you find? Also, some of the home pages of BoD and Advisors. Greg Burch's page is excellent, but I think you already have that URL by now, and you can check our for some basics.

>If you could take the time to answer my questions I'd appreciate it.
>(The one about what's "daring" is most interesting to me.) If not, I

I don't have the time, but Greg Burch has taken the time. If you still have difficulty with Greg's response, let's discuss some extropian challenges.