Re: violence...

Spike Jones (
Sun, 19 Sep 1999 21:35:21 -0700

> > What if one is extropian yet secretly enjoys such brutal displays of
> > raw strength, courage and stupidity? spike
> wrote: [acknowledging imperfections in ones wetware]
> is kinda what eliezer is doing when he watches _buffy the vampire slayer_...

Well, ok but there are other verrrry good reasons for watching Buffy... {8-]

> ...i say find a good local dojo or kwoon or whatever...
> an animal style of kung fu, which is still very active and violent, but
> where actual target contact is minimized*...

Sure but I should have specified: I secretly enjoy witnessing *other* goons perform brutal displays of strength, courage and stupidity, but do not enjoy actually performing them myself. Come to think of it, perhaps this *is* extropian. {8^D spike