Re: Mother Nature

Brian D Williams (
Thu, 16 Sep 1999 10:46:35 -0700 (PDT)

From: "David Lubkin" <>

>Come on, folks. This is a crowd that casually discusses melting
>planets over school vacation and who will bring the dip to a party
>10 billion years from now. Rise to the challenge.

Heh, heh....

>How would you dissipate a Category 5 hurricane so it doesn't
>destroy some artifact you are sentimental about, like the Statue
>of Liberty? How would you divert it? How long does it take to
>spread cometary ice pellets (Anders/Barnes)?

Okay, I suppose you could disrupt even a force 5 hurricane with a nuke of sufficient power, if there was sufficient need, drop in in the center of the eye maybe, or against one of the walls, might not even need a megaton range weapon. The problem is off course the fallout. The interesting part is that in the eye, the wall of the hurricane would actually act to contain the blast.......hmmmmm

<sound of scribbling on envelope or napkin>

The dry ice idea has some merit too, you might not need cometary levels if you tried to intervene early enough, maybe a supertanker full with a spreader like a Chicago salt truck.......hmmmmmm

<more scribbling>

The key to determining when is local info, weather buoys in the hurricane belt, planes dropping those minature remote sensor packages, a "Deep Thunder" weather processor....


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