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What questions do you have in particular? Since you're doing it for biology.. you probably want to know about the biological basis of violence, right?
One interesting thing I can tell you is to look into the amygdala (I think I spelled it right). They have done experiements where they stimulated the amygdala of normal patients, who would then become very violent. I remember the description of it in biopsychology class - this girl was playing a guitar, and they stimulated her amygdala, and she started smashing the guitar. I can't name a source off the top of my head - but look up "amygdala" in any intro psychology book, or maybe a biopsychology book. The amygdala is in the brain, by the way.

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From: Skye Howard <> To: <> Date: Thursday, September 16, 1999 12:09 AM Subject: violence...

>I've that my biology teacher recently told us to
>pursue some particular world problem-pollution,
>overpopulation, etc., etc. My chosen problem to
>confront, however, was violent behavior. While many
>other subjects are interesting, I'd already done them.
>And done them. Ad nauseum. What I was thinking is
>that since your all in the business of answering tough
>questions (been on the list for at least a few months)
>I was wondering if you could provide me with opinion,
>commentary, et al., but most importantly, NUMBERS! I
>was hoping you could lead me to some interesting
>studies on the subject... I would like source
>information as well. Any help would be appreciated.
>Besides, if I get enough information, we might get
>another person on the list- Mr. Brosius seemed kind of
>interested in all of us. I would be very priviledged
>to consider myself one of you anyway- I am not yet
>involved, per se, but I'm working towards technology
>and science as a major focus on future careers. I
>would be glad to receive any help and information on
>the causes (and methods of reducing) violence as
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