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> > I'm writing a story for Wired magazine on
> > items that should be discontinued in the
> > 21st century - a "Leave It Behind" list.
> > I'd be interested to know what people in
> > this group believe should be abandoned
> > for the next millenium. Can be ideas,
> > institutions, countries, people,
> > companies, religious beliefs, assumptions,
> > or anything else you think is so bad,
> > obsolete, irrelevant, dangerous or just
> > annoying that the human race would be
> > better off kissing it goodbye. Please
> > take this opportunity to vent your
> > rage against the past, the present, or
> > the future. Thanks >>

I, for one, would like to see the entire Earth and everything on it replaced by an enormous Buddhist-style prayer wheel, spinning out 'My Existence Has Meaning' for all eternity. I feel strongly that this would not only be more aesthetically pleasing than the current state of affairs, but would also prove much more tractable to rigorous mathematical analysis.

It would also _really_ freak out extraterrestrial visitors.

-matt (Sorry... but this thread is funny and itís 4 in the morning.)