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JOURNAL OF APPLIED SYSTEMS STUDIES Methodologies and Applications for Systems Approaches

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Special Issue on "Applications of Electronic Commerce Systems"

The electronic commerce is now well recognised as a key enabler of global electronic markets where small and large enterprises compete as equal players. Electronic commerce systems are based on the service-centric internet is producing profound changes in enterprise culture in general, and in particular in areas associated with the business-to-business and business-to-consumer environments. The special issue will focus on applications of electronic commerce systems, and papers should present analytically the electronic commerce practical problem. In addition to it, papers that address aspects of transaction processes and models including issues related to the
legal, regulatory and standards frameworks for these systems will be welcome.

Papers should be presented according to the "Guidelines for Contributors", the details of which can be found at the web site: http://www.unipi.gr/jass/.

Submission deadline: 31 January, 2000 .
Expected publication date: 31 August, 2000 .

All the submissions for this special issue must be sent to the Guest Editor.

Guest Editor :
Narayana Jayaram,
School of Computer Science, University of Westminster, Watford Road, Northwick Park,
Harrow HA1 3TP,

E-mail:	jayaramn@westminster.ac.uk

Phone: +44 171 911 5000 ext 4203, Fax:+44 171 911 5906

In the meantime, we would like to inform you that one of our scopes for JASS is to have Special Issues on a specific Application Domain of Systems Sciences. For the next year we are going to have two special issues. You may propose to us an area related to JASS in which I expect you will act as the "Guest Editor" under, of course, the general operating rules of JASS.