[Fwd: Halloween Costume Suggestions? CORRECTION!..SORRY]

eyehi (eyehi@geocities.com)
Mon, 13 Sep 1999 19:13:10 -0400

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eyehi wrote:

 How about a Martian?....some aluminum foil to cover his clothes and covering his head...some green eye makeup covering his face and hands .....oh yes...some foil antennae ..that should do it.  Now that's a cheap costume.  Ok..I don't exactly know if that is what a Martian looks like...but it's a good a guess as any!.  Have fun!

Terry Donaghe wrote:

Howdy all,

I have a 2 and a half year old son and I'm trying to think of something
*interesting* to dress him as this halloween.  I'm looking for
something non-ordinary, a little bit smart ass, irreverent, or almost,
but not quite, inappropriate for a small child.  :)  Heh heh.  I want
people to think, "What the hell??", but not "You bastard!"

The costume must be relatively cheap and easy to build and put on.

Any ideas?



Terry Donaghe: terry@donaghe.com
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