Re: Rush Limbaugh a fraud?

Spike Jones (
Sun, 12 Sep 1999 20:30:28 -0700

> > Robert J. Bradbury wrote:
> >
> > > About a year ago I ran across an article on the Net that basically
> > > said Rush was a fraud. The article indicated that Rush was an
> > > actor who had done the character first as a spoof and found that
> > > it played well so he continued doing it.

The more I think about this, I realize there are *plenty* of examples of this. Who was that famous Swedish actress, Greta Garbo? Her most famous movie line was "I vant to be alone". Somehow she got the reputation as being a hermit, when in fact she was no more privacy oriented than any Hollywood type. It all came out of a movie role!

Other examples: John Denver. Made it big with his nature boy songs, then was more or less forced into the role. He tried to shake the Rocky Mountain High image, but no one would buy it. Note his music from the 80s, ick.

Peter Frampton. Comes alive. Had to stay that way, to this day.

Did you think roy Orbison was blind? He wasnt. He sat on his thick glasses right before a concert, so he put on his dark perscription sunglasses, people thought he was blind, then he was stuck with that forever. It sold records.

Madonna. She isnt really the material girl. Doesnt really have hundreds of lovers. Sold records.

Stevie Nicks was never a *real* witch. It sold records.

Rush Limbaugh is an *entertainer*. Listen and laugh. I dont see why not. Most comics are liberals, so why cant the other side have some fun too? spike