Re: Rush Limbaugh a fraud?

Spike Jones (
Sun, 12 Sep 1999 15:28:13 -0700

> wrote: ... Even if you had no
> firm views initially and had adopted the persona purely for commercial
> reasons, I suspect after strongly stating your opinions for so many years,
> you would come to believe what you say.

Ja, I think you got it right. I suspect Rush started out as an entertainer, developed a following, realized these people were pretty serious about that which he originally developed as entertainment, then asked himself the question, well, why not? I need a job, these yahoos need a leader, why not me? I cant say I blame him. There are plenty of examples of people who enter a philosophical marriage of convenience. Not saying it is for me, but given the choice between the night shift at Denny's or a wildly popular and controversial radio personality.... {8^D spike