use of hormones for experimentation

Kathryn Aegis (
Sun, 12 Sep 1999 17:27:56

I suppose I ought to pass along a more definitive set of info, in case anyone else is thinking of trying a hormone experiment:

  1. Use of hormones will not affect your sexual orientation
  2. Modern birth control pill formulations do not contain much estrogen, you would probably get the same effect from eating a large amount of soy daily
  3. On the other hand, DHEA does raise levels of testosterone, and women will have a bit of a masculinizing effect with it.
  4. Viagra will not affect your physical sex structure. It is mainly used to raise the blood circulation to specific areas.
  5. The medical standards of care and ethics are hostile to temporary experimentation. Generally, one must prove a psychological disfunction, such as gender dysphoria or gender identity disorder. You would be expected to undergo psychiatric evaluation and to commit to using the hormones for a year trial before 'going permanent'.
  6. If by some miracle you got a doctor to prescribe, you can expect months of mood swings and some other physical side effects.
  7. Again, the FAQs on hormones: Male to Female: Female to Male: