Re: Japan email situation

Gina Miller (
Sat, 11 Sep 1999 22:36:15 -0700

Ok, here are some traslators:(note: these may be easier to use than hand conversion)
-I couldn't find the one I was talking about in my earlier email, that is for free-

*Translator Version 2.1. (software for a fee)

*HTML Translator (download or purchase)

*Word Translator for Windows (Dowload shareware) Scroll the page to see the language options tml

*Free online translations:


>I am attempting to resolve the situation with the Japanese
>messages. We have a number of people in Japan who for
>reasons unknown are probably receiving ExI emails.
>If you happen to know anyone who would be willing to
>translate either email messages or a couple of ExI
>documents (like the MajorDomo instructions) to/from
>Japanese -- Please contact me.