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> > I live in New Hampshire, where men are in touch with their manly sides,
> > as they should be.
> awwwwwwwwwwww shit... now maybe im somehow misinterpeting something, or
> maybe im blowing this way out of proportion; maybe im being the evil pc
> police, or maybe this is bait, or maybe there is an implied wink after the
> above... but maybe not. mike, i love ya n all, but geez us h; how is the
> above supposed to be taken?
Who was it that said "To thine ownself be true"?

To be true to the image or wishful thinking of others, may in may respects be counterproductive to oneself (if you are immortal), or ones genes (if that is what you want to propagate). Fundamentally it is "living a lie". Men should be in touch with being a man, women should be in touch with being a woman. If we are in an enlightened state, we hope that we understand being in touch with each other improves the survival chances for us all.

It is said that the barriers to enlightment are "confusion" and "paradox". With regard to the sexes, I am always confused and appreciate the paradox that one must both be true to oneself and be sensitive to others (who may ultimately play a significant role in your survival).