Re: Nanotech control systems (was Re: Transhuman Beach Party)

Bryan Moss (
Fri, 10 Sep 1999 23:37:50 +0100

J. R. Molloy wrote:

> > As funny as this sounds, why is it any different from 'curing'
> > homosexuality or skin colour?
> The difference lies in superficial variables. An identical principle
> applies: The principle of emotional inertia.
> [...] unenlightened brains fear that they would lose the familiar comfort
> of their habitual thinking if they enter choiceless awareness.

I'm thinking more in terms of children. A healthy mother wants a healthy child, a deaf mother wants a deaf child. For an authority to decide what should be allowed and what should not be allowed it has to have some idea of what is normal. I'm just as inclined to agree with an authority that thinks homosexuality isn't normal as I am to agree with an authority that thinks blindness isn't normal. Personally I subscribe to the view that I should be able to grow children anyway I want, by any means I want, and do with them as I please. My answer to the ethical implications of new technology is to forget the ethics and concentrate on the science. Science cannot make us anything less than we already are, it can only shatter false illusions.