Re: Is the brain a serial processor? a Cereal Processor?

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10 Sep 1999 19:23:13 +0200 writes:

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> > > However, the time-stamps (see above) acknowledge your uncanny ability
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> > Yes, thank you, bowing to the audience. Anders under a pledge
> > of non-disclosure (not to say a bribe of 3.94 * 10^8 stars
> > worth of energy resources) has divulged this method to me.

Yes, but that doesn't even cover a decent thrall at Triskelon. Besides, I have to save my energy for the late Dyson era when my *real* projects will begin.

(as for the original thread, I'm always suspicious of serial processing in the brain - the same goes for claims about working memory as being serial. The experiment reported just seems to show attention shifts, which is very different from serial processing).

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