Re: Nanogirl news~
Thu, 9 Sep 1999 18:38:13 -0700

Yesterday, Gina wrote:
> *Mini-Motor Models Nature, Advances Miniaturization Technology. For the
> first time, researchers have designed from scratch a working, chemically
> powered, molecular motor. The device will advance atomic-level understanding
> of natural molecular motors that power muscle contraction, sperm swimming,
> and a myriad other biological processes. It is also an extraordinary example
> of miniaturization of technology. (NIH/National Institute of General
> Medical Science)

This article is now available online at (in full text no less). You have be registered to read it, but it's free. If you're concerned about privacy you can skip registering and just use username "cypherpunks" and password "writecode", a common convention for sites like this.