Re: Dreams of Autarky

Brian Atkins (
Thu, 09 Sep 1999 20:19:48 -0400

The nice thing about interdependence is you can make boatloads of money selling the stuff people need :-) In fact, probably the only way to achieve anything like autarky (is that a real word?) for yourself is to build up enough personal assets (these come in many forms, from intellectual and physical abilities to pure cash) to survive in the environments you choose. But you're right, the hardest part by far is not amassing the assets, but rather actually deciding to partition yourself off from society.. it sounds like it would be fun, but really it isn't... maybe if there was a really good telepresence/VR system like in Aristoi...


"A man makes a picture/A moving picture/Through light projected/He can
see himself up close/*Gotta meet her there*/A man captures colour/ *She's your destination*/A man likes to stare/*There's no sleeping there*/He turns his money into light/*She's imagination*/To look for her/She is the dreamer/She's imagination" -U2, Lemon