Re Fear of Nanotech

Brian D Williams (
Thu, 9 Sep 1999 06:44:05 -0700 (PDT)


>And then it would have been followed up by shocking pictures of
>the devastation of Baghdad, the massive civilian casualties, and
>the kids dying of radiation poisoning. Few soldiers get killed,
>the US burns up thousands of kids. Yep, that'll really get 'the
>people of the world' behind them.

Wrong era, this isn't WWII, A 20 megaton H-bomb would vaporize baghdad. Nice of you to put such little value on U.S. soldiers.

>You think many Chinese will care about US troops getting killed?
>Russians? Indians? Arabs? That's more than half the world's
>population already.

Would I care what they think under these circumstances, not hardly.

>I think you severely underestimate how many of the people of the
>world hate and despise America, largely because of its military

What military ambitions? People hate America for lot's of different reasons, most completely undeserved.

You miss the point, the only effective way to sterilize a large area contaminated by B/C agents is by nuclear device, and yes I believe in the law of talion, use a weapon of mass destruction, get one used on you.....


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