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> Thus, perhaps by the middle
> of the next century, we might see multiple enclaves developing in
> in ocean or island habitats on earth and in one or more habitats off
> while at the same time many people in the old "mainstream" societies will
> have come to realize that the direction of successful segments of those
> societies has become more or less "extropian".
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> "Civilization is protest against nature;
> progress requires us to take control of evolution."
> -- Thomas Huxley

By the way-like your website, G.B. I tend to be a nano/extro pessimist. I believe eveything that has been proposed by TransHumanists & Extropians is logically possible. I do suspect (rightly or wrongly) that the futures envisoned in literature by the Bears/Egans/Sterling/Gibson and company are quite likely to occur. I suspect also, that where most of you say decades; I say centuries (milenia) for the really big changes to happen-such as the Singularity. For those such as I, we focus either on whats close by technically; or cast our immaginations into the deep futures that may occur with cosmology. Perhaps to universe governed by intelligence instead of randomness.