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"J. R. Molloy" wrote:
> Robert J. Bradbury wrote,

>> You're in over my head here, since I've yet to
>> read either of them (though Russell is in the
>> library), I'd have to defer to Max. My
>> philosophy pursuits always seem to get side-tracked
>> pending other nearer term stuff.  I suspect I'll
>> end up doing the cram course the week before I'm
>> scheduled to upload, then just as I'm about to
>> step into the transfer chamber, it will hit me
>> -- "Oh no, this process is pointless too!"

> Logically, existence cannot have a purpose,
> because teleology assumes an entity external to
> the goal meta-system under consideration.

Maybe, but an individual's life can't be argued on these grounds not to have a purpose (since there are things external to it).

> I think Transhumanists become their own worst
> enemies in proportion as they fail to transcend
> philosophy to embrace science, especially the
> science of subjectivity.


Seems odd, since science is a subset of philosophy.


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