Re: Complete List of Non-CR Experiments Showing An Increase in Maximum Life Span

Technotranscendence (
Fri, 3 Sep 1999 20:57:37 -0700

On Friday, September 03, 1999 4:26 PM Brian Manning Delaney <> wrote:
> A recent comment by Natasha Vita-More, on the Transhuman list, reminded me
> the importance of stepping back from thoughts about what might or might
not be
> possible in four or five or six decades, and being certain that we
actually are
> still alive decades from now. Calorie restriction, I contend, is currently
> only appreciably effective life-extension regimen with good evidence
behind it
> (others might add cryonics here too, where "evidence" would mean more than
> merely empirical evidence). Personally, I'm willing to put up with the
> of being on CR for now; but when a newer, equally effective means of
> life-extension is available, I'll happily bag CR. Likewise, when a
> available, non-CR, putatively effective life-extension regimen garners
> sufficient scientific support to enable us to scratch the "putatively,"
I'll bag
> CR. One question, then, is what to make of the handful of existing studies
> purport to show a slowing of aging -- albeit a small slowing of aging --
> means of something other than CR.

Correct me if I'm wrong -- and I'm too tired right now to check -- but isn't the Life Extension Foundation funding research to find out why CR works? If so, possibly one route to overcomnig the CR problem -- that is, that we've plenty of food and love to eat it, even lean guys like mean:) -- is to find out how it works and to find another means to get the same effect.

Stay young and live long or else!:)

Daniel Ust