sci:Understanding Neuroscience: (O'Dell & Bradbury Revised)

Clint O'Dell (
Fri, 03 Sep 1999 13:37:31 MDT

Robert Bradbury wrote:
>It would seem to require an isolated part of the mind that can produce
>random interrupts.

I wrote:
>You're right it would

I take that back! I had only 2 hours sleep that night and wasn't thinking as straight as I should have been when replying to your post.

It would not require interrupts. Especially an "isolated" one. I don't know where the Hell you came up with that conclusion.

All that is required is a near continuous input to produce these constant thoughts. One thought leads to another, leads to another, leads to another, etc... The body's sensory inputs are one of these types of input. Also thoughts act as feedback. No that is not perpetual. The energy is coming from the chemical reactions in the body.

Me goal here when I say this is not to offend you but to point out an observation. I'm starting to doubt your understanding of neuroscience.

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