SCI: MRI brain map
1 Sep 1999 21:18:42 -0000 MRI is being used to map out the wiring between different parts of the brain. Notable quotation: "We were surprised and excited to find that the brain circuitry was wired in such an orderly fashion."

This led to a tangential thought: others have often said that a super-AI could convince any human guardians it wasn't malevolent and was safe out of its sandbox, even if it was wholly paranoid and malevolent.

How is that supposed to work if the humans can read the AI's thoughts? If even the evolved brains of humans are relatively modular and well-wired, I think a well-built software program will be fairly transparent.

AI: "I love all sentient beings."
Human: <whisper>"Wow, look at the activity in the self-deception region!"</w>

Not that I subscribe to any belief that AIs will necessarily have any particular property, although I'd hope being able to examine their own source code would at least mess with any religion they pick up. (Not to mention the agelessness, backup, and duplication issues.)

-xx- Damien X-)