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Wed, 1 Sep 1999 13:00:40 EDT

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> If extropians decide to establish their own polity, what form would it take?

> Kathryn Aegis

My guess-since I read Drexler's book back in 86' would be experimentationalist in nature. Libertarian yes, but this would be the only political movement that was largely based on the advance in science and technology. The labor unions in British politics in the 19th century would be absolutely nothing by comparison. Caveat: if scitech proves very slow on producing life-enhancing developments, then the children and grandchildren of the Extropians will move on. This is guarnateed! And those keenly interested in such achivements, will be looked upon as we look upon those who were very excited about spiritualism in the 19th century. Its basically a Darwinian meme-produce or perish. Or as one AI program was quoted as saying "you're a cow! Either give milk, or go home!" Spud