Re: New Government?

Michael S. Lorrey (
Wed, 01 Sep 1999 00:13:14 -0400

phil osborn wrote:
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> > > As I recently said, "The solution would be corporate sponsorship."
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> > > If you value life, *value* life!
> >
> >Imagine the following:
> >
> >Welcome to Union Carbide High School, home of the UCHS Gassers...
> >because we care.
> >Tonite our team is playing the boys of the Mighty Lockheed Bombers,
> >visiting from Ground Zero Stadium...
> >
> >I am all for competition and merit in student acheivement, and no
> >mainstreaming. I am especially for competition and merit among teachers
> >(break the NEA monopoly), but pasting a corporate logo on my kid so he
> >can go to school? Thats the kind of irresponsible idea that the morons I
> >talk of in my prior post would be all for...
> >
> So you actually think that it's better to take money from people who happen
> to have preferences for lifestyles different from yours, at the point of a
> gun, money which is then allocated by bureaucrats with no stake in the
> outcome toward whatever passes for "education" among the elite parasites
> from academia - the people who told my parents not to ruin me by teaching me
> to read at the age of three; wait for the experts to do it at six. The
> jerks who spread racism throughout the South. Right.

Hey moron, where in my post did I say anything about government confiscatory policies to fund education? I'm the last person to support that. Coming from New Hampshire, private school capital of the world, I know how much better private schools are than public ones, and not one private school that I know of even allows corporate logos pasted on students or school property.

Mike Lorrey