Extropian political theory vs. Libertariansim

Michael A Johnson (MAJUS@prodigy.net)
Tue, 31 Aug 1999 09:39:24 -0700

I am new to the list, and probably should have read for a couple of weeks before posting, however, the discussion about Government and Libertarianism interested me,

Max More in not prescribing to the Libertarian credo, but putting emphasis on conecepts (open society, market freedom, etc.) has the correct methodology for approaching the topic. Extropian thought is about developing new ways of living. Libertarianism should not be shoehorned into Extropian philosophy. I think that politcal thought needs to begin from the extropian principlcs and develop a rigorous theory of political organization. If our philosophical journey leads us to to Libertarianism, so be it, but we should not simply assume that what is expoused by the Libertarian Party is the correct philisophy for Extropians. I myself am studing the relation between classical liberal theory and the ideas expoused by Jim Mann in his book TOMMORROW'S GLOBAL SOCIETY.

Michael A. Johnson
Graduate Student--Political Science
Arizona State University