Re: The Physics of Star Trek

John Clark (
Mon, 30 Aug 1999 16:53:53 -0400

>Quoting the Physics of Star Trek, Chapter 5, pg 83:
> "Or, to put it *less* negatively, building a transporter would require
> us to heat matter to a temperature a million times the temperature at
> the center of the sun, expend more energy in a single machine than all
> of humanity presently uses, build telescopes larger than the size of
> the Earth, improve present computers by a factor of 1000 billion billion,
> and avoid the laws of quantum mechanics".

It mystifies me why anyone would even try to move large quantities of matter around the universe at close to the speed of light, it's as silly as sending ice cubes to the south pole by Federal Express. There's already plenty of matter in the Virgo Galactic Cluster 2 billion light years away and it's every bit as good as the matter we have here. What it doesn't have is people like you or me so the thing you want to move is information, information on how to manipulate matter to make you or me.

John K Clark