BAD: Crossposting to transhuman & extropians

O'Regan, Emlyn (
Mon, 30 Aug 1999 17:28:20 +1000

There have been a lot of crossposts to transhuman & extropian lists in the last couple of weeks (like this one). Many people are subscribed to both (I think). Do we need to be crossposting? If the lists are so similar, maybe they could be merged. I think this is doubtful; there seems to be a difference in political opinion on the two lists. Maybe there needs to be a third, politically neutral list? Is a politically neutral list even possible for transhumanism?

Anyway, if anyone's got ideas on this that would be great. All this crossposting makes filtering your inbound mail more difficult, and leads to lots of confusion with replies. Also, you end up getting multiple copies of the same post, which often is already multiplied on either list seperately (transhuman list seems to send out multiple copies of some e-mails anyway; I had four or more copies of many recent cross-posts).

A point to note - How many copies of this post are people actually receiving?

Emlyn (cross-postor)