Present Dangers -- the list thus far

Kathryn Aegis (
Sat, 28 Aug 1999 18:45:18

Not to be a 'list mom', but this thread is becoming increasingly fragmented and has some unrelated discussion. Because I would like to see something actually come of this, I would like to list out the 'dangers' mentioned thus far:

  1. Transhumanism is entering the puhlic sphere, and Waldemar proposes that the 'nanotech santas' will have to start backing up their claims with real facts and science.
  2. Transhumanism is entering the public sphere, and many of us agree that we will have to become more proficient in handling media coverage. At the same time, that increased media coverage may result in more attacks on our ideas and on our image.
  3. There seems to be some sort of issue regarding 'right' and 'left', one that the Europeans seem to understand, but one that mystifies the Americans. Perhaps the real danger here is in transferring external political divisions into transhumanism, and thereby perpetuating outdated modes of debate.
  4. There seems to be many issues under the rubric of centralism/decentralism: Lack of delegation in group activities. A tendency to label people as gurus or geniuses.
  5. Demographics-- a present lack of diversity within transhumanism that could easily be used by the media and by opponents of our ideas as a means of attack. Diversity in this case can mean racial, gender, and also intellectual. A lack of diversity also means a lack of contribution from a wide range of perspectives and experiences, which could lead to narrow visions of the future and how to plan for it. The challenge: how to reach out to others and bring them into our networks.

Have I missed any?

Kathryn Aegis