RE: Present dangers to transhumanism

Waldemar Ingdahl (
Sat, 28 Aug 1999 18:19:53 CEST

> >> (Although I must say I have no clue who the
> >>'transhumanist left' is.
> >
> >Speaking.
> >
> >Damien Broderick
>Ah, Damien, so *you're* the guy sitting on the left hand side of the king
>in the French court!
>Really, can't we drop useless terms like "left" and "right" when talking
>about transhumanism. If we can think more carefully about so many issues,
>why use such meaningless and unhelpful political terms?

Exactly my point. The "left" and "right" labels are becoming more and more irrelevant even in MAINSTREAM society. It perhaps has it use to describe from where a particular person reached transhumanism. But transhumanism asks new, more relevant questions that the old ideologies cannot answer. So drop the "left" and "right" transhumanism, what I intended with that point in my previous letter is that some of us can attack the old, increasingly anti-transhumanism left (without dropping their own values) in a way they really don't expect.


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