Re: straw poll

Spike Jones (
Wed, 25 Aug 1999 21:11:04 -0700

> > This is evidenced
> > profusely by the polyester clothing, the beagle-ear hairstyles, the
> > shoes, the music... {8^D spike
> Robert J. Bradbury wrote: Watch it buddy, if you aren't careful, I'll
> "fix" it so the
> Extro5 conference "party" has a band that only plays *disco* music.

No. Please. Ill do anything you ask. Not that.... {8^D

Robert, it would be hard to explain to the 90s generation why we thought it was cool to listen to a song that consisted of the words

"...shake shake shake. shake shake shake. shake your booty. shake your booty...."

repeated about 50 times. There was such a song. It is amazing we emerged from that decade with anything more than putrid mush for brains.

Heres a blast from the 70s: [Its just a pointless funny story. Please dont

read on if you are busy, as I know many are]. I was in 8th grade and the English teacher wanted an essay on: What is our pet peeve about our school.

Of course there was the usual 13 yr old tripe: there is no air conditioning,
cafeteria food sucks, etc. I decided to point out the fact that our school mascot, [we were the Parkway Pirates] suggested antisocial behavior, to say the least:

"... So we ask, what *is* a pirate, exactly? Webster's describes the term as referring to a maritime predator or criminal, often associated with plunder, rape, murder, etc. I propose we drop the swashbuckling high seas adventure associated with the name Pirates, and change our mascot name to more accurately describe what we have in mind. Granted the cheers would perhaps be clumsy:

Hey Hey Whaddya say! Lets go take that ball away! Go Rapist/murder/theives!

Our crosstown rivals, the barracudas, are also maritime preditors, in a sense, but these have not the capacity for moral thought. I am ashamed to stand under this label "Pirates"...

etc. I waxed eloquent, outdoing even my usual grandiose style. It was all a joke actually, but the teacher realized, hey the little jerk has a point here. He made a bunch of copies and distributed them to the other teachers, who laughed, then realized, hey the little twit has a point here. So. It came up in committee to consider changing the mascot. The situation was resolved by... closing the school, for you see, the birth control pill was introduced in the early 60s and the classes following mine were much smaller, so, the pirates went over and joined the barracudas.

The next year I went to Astronaut High School, in Titusville Florida, where our mascot was... the war eagle. I had managed to stir the pot once before with the antisocial mascot thing, so I decided to push my luck. At my first class meeting I stood and proposed that we change our names to... the Astronaut Peace Eagles. I was lucky to get out of there alive, and it was *the last* class meeting I attended at that school. {8^D

I warned you that it was a pointless story. Shake your booty! spike