Re: rotten tomatoes

Doug Jones (
Wed, 25 Aug 1999 18:36:43 -0700

Xiaoguang Li wrote:
> umm ... i hereby retract my previous message ... my only
> excuse is that i just swam 2 miles without goggles and my eyesight
> is almost as foggy as my deoxygenated brain.
> xgl

Hey, I took a look at it, and had to write down the cards to be sure what the fraud was- just remember Pat Morita's classic line in the old MASH episode: "I dunno, they all look alike to me!"

[He was a visiting korean doctor, and was asked if he had treated a certain american gi, to which he replied...]

Just out of idle curiousity, how the heck do you pronounce your name? And if you reply, "Lee," I will find a way to get even with you.

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