Re: straw poll

Anders Sandberg (
25 Aug 1999 20:19:17 +0200 writes:

> I wonder what the value of this is. Nearly anyone you ask about
> high school is going to have experienced a period of feeling
> 'out', or rebelling against the clique system, even the so-called
> popular kids!

Good point. I still guess that transhumanists are more likely to have been noticeably different as children than the average population.

> Why don't we look at what our status is today? Cyber-chic has
> hit the mainstream, and our ideas are pretty darned hip by cultural
> standards. I have heavy-duty social life, as well as a lively
> academic life, and some of the thinkers who have influenced me
> the most I met on the party scene--
> college professors, systems administrators, artists, etc. People
> are attracted to new ideas, however wierd, if you are friendly
> and sociable about the way you present it.

Exactly! We better make use of this great opportunity we have right now. Cyber might be a bit tired, but our ideas really are considered hip in many circles.

> On the other hand, if we wallow in this antisocial geek status,
> then, well, it's only going to bring up images of Columbine and
> other sociopathic acts. High school is over with, get on with
> life and have fun!

In many ways that kind of thinking is just the other side of the "us vs. them" meme, which is definitely bad for one's critical thinking and social abilities.

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