Re: Twin Studies [was Re: HR25Show82099 - BS]

Cynthia (
Wed, 25 Aug 1999 11:07:35 -0700

phil osborn wrote:

> In north Georgia, Rome, where I grew up(?), we had a lot of over-achievers
> in our local elementary and high-schools, due to the sudden incursion of a
> whole army of techies from Schenectidy and Burlington to man the new GE
> plant. There were SO many guys who were reading adult SF and engineering
> manuals in the 7th and 8th grade!
> Then the hormones hit, and almost all of them ended up marrying some
> high-school sweetie who was convinced she had to cure them of all that
> nonsense. Almost invariably, a year later the wife had gained 50 pounds,
> the guy had joined the Baptist Church - an agnostic before - and had high
> hopes of someday working his way up from tire installer to head mechanic at
> the Firestone store. I saw this over and over again with virtually every
> one of my friends, right down the tubes. I believe a lot of them are
> divorced now, so maybe there is hope.

I am afraid that I agree. But there is something you are missing. The traits that you are complaining about are not quite as wide spread as you make them out to be, but what makes them so pernicious is that these are the traits of the female ruling click.

You see, controlling types tend to have a disproportionate influence, because they tend to band together and punish anyone who does not behave in the prescribed manner. And if you think these kind of women have done a number on your male friends, you should see what they do to other females who dare to read science fiction, or are good at math!!! I am a sensitive, intelligent woman. I am truly interested in people, instead of just being interested in what people can do for me. And the callous treatment that I have received from other woman is amazing. Other woman will talk about how 'caring' they are, while the work hard and long to convince me that there is something wrong with me. I now know that they are the enemy, but I have been so hurt, for so long, that my poor vagina spasms uncontrollably.

And women's lib has given these controlling types even more power. They have been able to take over influential professions, such as the education of young children. Some women should be put in there place, and I would love to help do it.