Re: New Government?

Bryan Moss (
Wed, 25 Aug 1999 13:54:32 +0100

Clint O'Dell wrote:

> The reason I brought up the socialist idea was to learn what most of you
> thought about the idea and thought about government. I myself enjoy
> freedom and despise any and all forceful government.

Oh, we're a split group. Some of us are radical capitalists and the rest are wrong.

> When I wrote the post I was thinking about government funds used to
> advertise donations to schools.
> Schools would then provide a free education to students as well as provide
> free housing and medical. In return the students would contribute to
> society by gaining "useful" employment and contributing to economics.

The solution would be corporate sponsorship or, as I like to call it, mandatory slavery. I have this wonderful visual image of healthy talented kids with the Nike logo tattoed on them.