Re: New Government

Gregory Hather (
Tue, 24 Aug 1999 17:40:55 -0700

>> In capitalism, money is a reward you get for doing things for other
>> people.
>> And how much you get is up to you. If you work hard and do things that
>> benefit
>> a lot of people (i.e. do things that people are willing to pay for), you
>> can
>> get rich.
>Or you can manipulate the loopholes in the system (provided you have enough buy in) to
>wealthy by doing nothing for other people, or even by disadvantaging other people.

What loopholes? Give an example. Very few people have acess to such loopholes.

>> If you are unwilling to work and contribute to others, you will get
>> nothing.
>Unless you are can get a job as a company director, in which case you will get stock

Company directors contribute as much to society as they get payed. How would a company fare without a director? Investors also contribute to society by loaning money to companies so they can grow.