New government?

john grigg (
Tue, 24 Aug 1999 15:14:04 PDT

Hello everyone,

Regarding the following statement:

>Most people would call me socialist for bringing this up but I think
>it is both socialist and capitalist.
>The idea is:
>Free Medical & Dental
>Free Education
>Free Housing
>Anything else you want you can buy.
>The idea is by helping your neighbor you increase your own chance for
>survival. Anyone for this? Against It? Any ideas on how it would work?

I think in a society with a mature nanotech it is ethically the right thing to make sure all of its citizens have an adequate level of free medical, education, housing and food. I feel this is the humane thing to do yet I feel it should just be at a level to meet basic needs and not to elevate the lazy to a grand lifestyle. So for those who want the "good things of life" such as a mansion, education at Stanford, gourmet meals, and exotic cosmetic surgery will have to work for it.

It is simply that the unambitious citizen of 2100 A.D. will have a lifestyle better then that of a solid middle-class citizen of our own time. But he may want to set some goals and start achieving them when he sees how the folks are doing who applied themselves and are on a far better standard of living as they can afford the latest bio-engineering fad for their bodies and vacation on the moon! Let us be humane and stamp out disease, lack of proper education and poverty, yet still award the talented and ambitious. We can do both and my vision will occur. We will awaken into this world when we who are cryonically suspended are reanimated.


John Grigg

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