Re: Twin Studies [was Re: HR25Show82099 - BS]

Cynthia (
Tue, 24 Aug 1999 10:01:33 -0700

"Robert J. Bradbury" wrote:

> Fraud or not fraud, you be the judge. Do you have an explanation or
> argument that variations in genetic traits that effect brain development
> such as (#'s of neurons, rate of neuronal death, reinforcement of
> synaptic strength/weightings, neurotransmitter release & uptake
> rates, propagation rates of neuronal impulses) are *totally*
> negated by environmental effects?

Basically, what you are saying here, is that we all are individuals, with brains that have significant differences.

But I think we should also remember what an adaptable thing the human mind is. There is a case of a young girl who has had half her brain removed, who is amazingly close to being normal.

Given that the human brain is capable of such amazing things, I find it absurd that so many people without major brain damage, are so appallingly stupid. And I fully believe that despite the profound differences between us all, that the reason for profound stupidity is the educational system.

In my opinion, the educational system is hell bent on stamping out individual differences. But we are individuals, and the only way for people to make the most of their brains, is by pursuing their own interests, and finding our own way of learning.

The people on this list, probably do have better genes than most people. But I bet that most of us snuck out and read books, when we were suppose to be engaging in structured activities. We left the herd and learned to think for ourselves.