Re: New Government?

Technotranscendence (
Mon, 23 Aug 1999 20:21:44 -0700

Monday, August 23, 1999 2:39 PM Clint O'Dell <> wrote:
> Since school started I've been forced to put responses further and further
> back on my priority list and it probably won't get any better since I also
> need to do some extra reading on subjects brought up in this list, and
> there's my own research. However, I would still like the groups opinion
> ideal government.
> Most people would call me socialist for bringing this up but I think it is
> both socialist and capitalist.
> The idea is:
> Free Medical & Dental
> Free Education
> Free Housing
> Anything else you want you can buy.
> The idea is by helping your neighbor you increase your own chance for
> survival. Anyone for this? Against It? Any ideas on how it would work?

I'm categorically against it -- if Clint means the government provides them or, more accurately, some people force others to provide them. If Clint wants them done voluntarily -- without force, i.e., through donations, gifts, etc. -- then I've no problem with it.

Of course, in the US, we practically have the kind of welfare state (for some segments of the population) Clint is advocating. In the past few decades, its managed to increase the cost of just about everything all while increase the amount of destitute people. This ought to enough evidence, though if one needs more, just look at everywhere else.:)

This is just another reason to get off the planet. Let the welfare statists and socialists of various stripes slug it out while some of us can get the heck away.:) (Of course, we all know nanotech will provide.:)


Daniel Ust