Chem Lab adventures [was Re: JetPacks vs. AirCars]

Robert J. Bradbury (
Mon, 23 Aug 1999 10:18:00 -0700 (PDT)

> Doug discussed the hazard function of rocket fuel testing
> and spike added a few words about misuses for dynamite.

Gee, I thought I was pretty bad with some gunpowder that I could never figure out how pack properly (I didn't understand that you needed only a little powder and a very strong casing), or the contact explosive that went off one night in the cellar under my mothers bedroom because the filter paper it was drying on decided to curl.

But you guys have got me beat. But when I left my propulsion methods to the pre-packaged engines, my rockets *did* fly. So if yall need any tips now, well you just send ole Rob a note...

I think my grandfather (who was a science teacher) may have been a match for you two. He dumped about a kilo of old sodium off of a bridge over the Charles River in Boston many years ago. The next day the papers read "Charles River Boils"....