Re: Not quite magic physics [was Re: Quantum Computers]
Mon, 23 Aug 1999 02:56:42 EDT

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> [*] to avoid the circular firing squad's dilemma, more than two beams are

> needed so that missed pulses don't fry the opposite launch optics. Four
> beams originating at the corners of a tetrahedron should work... but more
> would produce a smoother implosion. Asymmetries in the implosion will
> cause the resultant hole the shoot off in the opposite direction. Thus two
> beams meeting at right angles could create a hole shooting off at .7 c

so lemme get this straight: you could make smallish, stable-for-several-years-black holes, aim them with high degrees of accuracy by adjusting the laser geometry, and fire them really freakin fast...

as of right now ive got a colt .45. when im an SI ill get me one of these... ;)

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