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Sun, 22 Aug 1999 10:34:54 -0700

From: phil osborn <> <snip>
>Recall the UCI egg scandal. You might have thought that the women had been
>raped and tortured by their reactions. Yet UCI made no attempt to lure
>particular genetically desireable women to steal their eggs, oddly enough.
>Just any old healthy egg would do. It was a crime of hubris and
>in which absolutely no one would have been harmed if it had not been found

Yes, this indicates a huge difference between men and womyn. Imagine men feeling robbed if they learn that some agency has used their sperm to produce embryos?
Not likely, since men enthusiastically contribute to sperm banks.

>Women - not all of them, obviously, but way too many - are anti-rational
>consistently resist science and technology. Look at how they waited until
>computers became "fashinable" to finally adopt them. As an educational
>consultant in the '80's, I could talk for hours about this one. And
>distrusts people who are too smart, as in "Mad Scientists." So it's a hard
>sell culturally and then you have active, dedicated thoroughly evil
>opposition who happen to control the state-financed compulsory education
>its propaganda apparatus - the schools themselves.

In further support of your comments, I'd add that the US (where females absolutely dominate primary education) has put into place programs to ensure that boys do not excel girls in math and science. If this raised the math and science quotient of the girls instead of lowering that of the boys, great! But of course it doesn't.
"Evil" yes, if evil refers to ideologues, demagogues, theologues, and congenitally selfish educators with subliminal aversion to math and science.

>Bottom line. If any other area of human endeavor were pursued as
>incompetently as childcare, it would be notable for that fact alone. There
>are other political and cultural factors why, but this is too long

Another area of human endeavor pursued incompetently as childcare? How about courtship, marriage, and employment? (Or, in the words of Nikos Kazanzakis, "The whole middle-class catastrophe.")

"Anti-masculists fear science and oppose reason because if reasonable scientists ruled, we could forget about anti-masculism." --Seymore Heine