Re: You have been added to the newbeginningskingdom
Fri, 20 Aug 1999 15:58:09 -0700

I think if you look at the archived messages below, it is pretty clear that the extropians list was in fact subscribed to the newbeginningskingdom egroup:

> This is the service.
> You have been added to the group.
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> We are looking to elucidate the simple Natural Laws of the universe,
> there Physical Law equivalent, and the Human principle equivalent used
> over the ages. (example: Action/reaction - The Golden Rule - Karma)
> Rules: Be brief and to the point. Keep on topic please. No deep religion
> bashing discussions please. No fighting. Please be polite. Please invite
> all other experts you might know. By subscribing you are giving your
> permission to New Beginnings Kingdom to contact you by email for further
> discussions. Please send us your email address and a bio if you will to
> Thanks

My thought at the time was that someone was trying to play a little prank and/or stir up trouble, subscribing the notoriously atheistic and rationalist Extropians to what sounds like some kind of New Age religious group.

Here are the messages which have egroups in the title, and IMO the response by extropians was entirely mild and appropriate, at least initially. (subscription notice) (speculation) (blank) (complaint to egroups) (start of flames) (measured response) (response to flame) (very flamey) (helpful response) (response to flame) (helpful response)

Reading these messages it is clear that "Loren & Leslie" were the only ones behaving unreasonably. They're gone now so it's not an issue.